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26th January 2015

A huge thank you to the fabulous car groomer – always so nice to have my car delivered right back to me at the airport but to get back into a clean car that smells like it should is something else! Great job as usual everyone! You take that yukky job right out of my too hard basket.

Thanks Booksmart! See you in a couple! Steve W.

22nd January 2015

Excelllent Service, happy, bright, professionals. We will be using Book Smart from now on.

Our thanks to the team, Eugene & Sonja M.

3rd April, 2014

We used Booksmart for the first time a couple of weeks ago. We kept changing our meet time on them because we were so disorganised getting out of the house and then we had to keep going back because we forgot our passports, then we left our credit cards on the bench, then worried we had shut the cat in the house so the kids made us turn around and go back, so we must have rung Booksmart about 7 times and everytime they were so kind and understanding and we finally got to the airport and all we had to do was drive straight in to the lane and we all nearly burst into tears when we saw this lovely lady waiting for us. She had a sign with our family name on it and two trolleys for our bags and she was so kind and helped us load up and then we just walked into the check-in area and we realised we actually had heaps of time to spare! On the way back, the same lady was there to meet us and gave us our car back at the airport and we were home in record time. Best trip! Use Booksmart. They are SOOO patient!

The Harrisons

24thMarch, 2014

An excellent service, so easy, great people – we will DEFINITELY be using them again next month!

Rob Duncan

20th January, 2014

BOOKSMART you have restored our faith in storing our car while we go away. Knowing that one of your fantastic drivers will be waiting for us at the airport when we get there, we consider the drive from Taupo to Auckland the start of our holiday, so by the time we get to Auckland, we are relaxed and calm. We really enjoy our holidays now, knowing our car is safe and sound and it always gets delivered back to us at the airport in EXACTLY the same way we left it. We now store some of our trinkets and treasures in it that we don’t want to leave in the house. Wonderful, warm, trustworthy company, professional in every way.

James & Donna Wrightson

16th December, 2013

We didn’t think we would ever find a service this good, especially people who can be so lively and alert so early in the morning! We drove from New Plymouth to find your lovely smiley cleanly shaven welcoming man at 6.00am holding our name up on a sign and even a trolley for our bags and the same on our way back in from Customs late on a Sunday night who helped us load our bags, shopping and duty-free (cough cough). Fantastic company, fantastic people. BOOK WITH BOOKSMART!!

Thank you to everyone who helped us! – Margot Harrison

12th September, 2013

Just a quick note to say many thanks indeed for the usual wonderful service in looking after our Colt while we went to Sydney and for returning it to us promptly when we got back. We were early because I am now treated as handicapped and was given amazing attention by the airline and airport and whizzed through all procedures in a wheelchair, thus getting out ahead of even the business travellers! We are not planning another trip yet but no doubt one will occur and we will again call on the services of Brilliant BookSmart!

Kind regards,

Jean N.



What service! – Flight arrived 1940, car just pulled up – home in Albany 2020 – unbelievable!

Thanks again, Len


Hi Sara, thank you for your very efficient service at the airport. We cannot speak highly enough about your pickup and prompt delivery and will tell all our travelling friends about you. Kind regards,

B. Harvey

3rd September, 2013


Just wanted to say THANK YOU very much for an awesome service we had both ways. A fantastic, friendly, professional service makes life easier when you are travelling overseas. Your staff membr was fabulous. Arriving at the Airport and seeing him standing there with my name, I end up in tears and thought to myself who am I for someone his age waiting for me outside in the cold (I felt real aroha for these two men – both ways) What a beautiful and excellent way to start and end the trip overseas.

My prayers may God richly bless you and your team. Have already recommended your company to our families and friends. No worries in trying to find a park and wondering if our vehicle is okay while we are overseas.

Thank you and God bless.

Karoline S.




14th August, 2013

SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These guys are on the ball. We use them all the time. We like driving past all the people waiting for shuttles and we are already in our car on our way home. Why would you choose a shuttle service when you can do it this way?

D.D. & Gee



6th August, 2013

This was our third time using Book Smart Car Storage and we can only say that we wish everyone knew about them. What lovely, friendly, helpful, completely professional, but even more specific than that – HONEST people. I left my small wallet that had a few hundred dollars down the side of the seat and only noticed this after they had picked up my car on our day of departure. I called them and they brought it down to the same place where we had first met and they handed it over (within 15 minutes I might add) and every dollar and coin was in that wallet. On our return, they were waiting for us in the arrivals lounge and the gentleman actually said “WELCOME HOME” with a huge smile on his face and he brought our car right up to us. The entire company is impeccable in nature, dress and they are wonderful to talk to. They were happy to change details in our booking. We came home a day early and there was no extra charge. They are a family company and we will be ensuring that everyone we know uses them. If you want to go on holiday and be able to relax about your car, do give BookSmart a call. They are truly careful, honest, lovely people who know how to conduct old fashioned service and treat all customers, especially us old biddies and their belongings with respect. The very best to you, Sara, Andrew, Josh, Laura, Maree, Jon, Barbara, and others. Well done!

R & P. Rogers



3rd August, 2013

Hi Team,

I just wanted to send a quick note. I just called Sophia at the airport to make sure everything was on track seeing she was a little nervous about using this arrangement for the first time. Well – she was completely amazed at the high service standard, the effort taken to secure a space to park, during a very busy time along with a trolley ready for the bags and baby capsule etc. Guys, I personally cannot thank you enough for the effort and the exceptionally repeated levels of professionalism that is shown by all members of the Booksmart Car Storage team every time. You have made a very pressured part of the travel for Sophia and our 3 month old baby effortless. This has set up the special event they are travelling to perfectly allowing them to arrive relaxed and excited to be having a wonderful weekend away.

Thank you so much from the Dad, at home looking after the other 3 kids!

Cheers guys – have a great weekend.

GO the Kiwis for some more medals!!!

Thanks again,





5th June, 2013

Thank you for your very efficient service at the airport. We cannot speak highly enough about your pickup and prompt delivery and will tell all our travelling friends about you.

Kind regards

Barry Harvey




2nd May, 2013

A huge “thank you” once again. Your service is superb. Even after a short flight across the Tasman (plus lots of partying in Sydney) we were tired and to come through Customs and find your man standing there waiting and our car on the kerb 2 minutes later is just wonderful.

Thank you for the valet – the icing on the cake.

Gail G.


24th April, 2013

Hi guys, just want to say, great service and I would recommend it to anyone.

Cheers, Dean Butler

15th April, 2013

What service this time!! – Flight arrived 1940, car just pulled up – home in Albany 2020 – unbelievable!

Thanks again, Len.

14th April, 2013

Well, we absolutely recommend Booksmart as the company to store or park your car with. They treat you and your car with respect – and our old Nissan is honestly a bit of an old wreck, but the staff at BookSmart treat it like its a brand new Mercedes!! We always feel there’s a real warmth that comes from everyone and they take the time to listen to our latest woes and dramas. Great people, great company, beautiful service. Well done.

Todd & Sarah G.

22nd March, 2013

What an incredible service – we were blown away with the professionalism of Book Smart as a whole. They made our trip so much easier just by being able to drive straight up to departures and leave our car with them and it was all executed so smoothly and on our return, it was just the same. What a lovely group of helpful, engaging people. This is a company to trust.

Tom & Marjorie Hyde


4th March, 2013

Really awesome service, especially for people with kids or the elderly. We travelled with both just recently and booked two vehicles in with BookSmart Car Storage. What an amazing service! The kids were all fired up and silly and Gran and Pop were a bit nervous, but with being able to pull up right outside the terminal and with BookSmarts drivers help, we were safely and calmly inside check-in really fast. Gran and Pop will be travelling again in August and have decided they will be able to go by themselves if they use Booksmart. Thank you so much!!

The Gilpins

8th March, 2013

Best service! On time, always professional. We travel down country every second week on business so this is certainly the very best way to do it. BookSmart know who we are and what our needs are and they are always obliging and always there when we need them.

Anne & Dave

4th March, 2013

Superb service. What a great way to take the hassle out of travelling. We appreciate that your whole team is always in such a great mood and always willing to adapt to our change of arrival times. Thank you for your patience!

The Allwells

10th February, 2013

I travel over to Brisbane every couple of months on my own to visit my grandchildren and finding BookSmart Car Storage has been a total lifesaver. Im a bit of a nervous nelly so I just ring up and have a lovely chat with the girls in the office to make my booking, then on the day Im ready to travel, I just drive right up to the International terminal and one of their lovely chaps is waiting for me holding up my name! AND holding a luggage trolley for me! Then Im all done and away I go and at the other end of my trip, they are there waiting for me all smiles and chirps! I tell everyone about this remarkable group of people and service! Well done to all of you!

Mary J.

2nd January, 2013

WOW!! BEautiful smooth and easy operation! Will be travelling through you guys again!! Thanks heaps! .

Dave & Juliette Sanderson

14th December, 2012

This is the best service we have used to date. Incredibly timely, professional, polite, well dressed and they made our travel experience amazingly quick and stress-free. What a great company! .

Bryce & Jennifer McConnichie

30th November, 2012

Beautiful service – definitely will be choosing this company everytime from now onwards!!

B & F Marshall

24th November, 2012

We have never had such wonderful service from any company ever! We recommend this company to everyone. If you are wanting professional, friendly, courteous, reliable, honest, on time service, go straight to BookSMART!!!!

Julia Smith

29 October, 2012

Last week we flew to Australia and by chance found the Book Smart Car Storage web site & proceeded to request a quote. To my surprise the response & subsequent service we received were I believe the best we have experienced in New Zealand in the last 17 years. It is most gratifying to know that there are still businesses that dont just pay lip service to customer satisfaction, but practice it. Well done the team at Book Smart Car Storage. I’m so impressed that I’m booking now for my holiday in December and recommending you to all friends and customers.

John Cowie

26 October, 2012

Dear BookSmart, I had the pleasure of using your service earlier this month at the recommendation of some friends. I found your service to be first class, professional and prompt. Furthermore you went beyond the call of duty to go out of your way to deliver my phone to the airport after I had inadvertantly left it in my car on departure. Thank you BookSmart, you can be assured of my continued businuess.

P. Mitchell

24 October, 2012

Just a note to thank you once again for your excellent service. Great communication and personal touch and I will definitely be recommending you and your company to others.

R. Pearse

14 October, 2012

Fantastic service, thank you!

B & P Pryce

18 September, 2012

Beautiful service again guys!!! We just cannot fault your lovely service. Really great staff – all of you – and that includes the wonderful office ladies! Beautiful manner, lovely, happy people throughout the company. It is always a pleasure meeting up with Booksmart!! Thank you.

E. & G Radburn

2 September, 2012

Great service again. Departure… a very easy drop off… painless! Arrival… Monday 0600 was the perfect ‘Book Smart’ day. Cold and thoroughly miserable, but so nice to be met by your very jolly colleague and the car waiting outside… thank you.

J. Elton

3 September, 2012

Just a quick note to thank you and your team for the great service in meeting us. It was great to have the car ready and waiting at 1am! Thanks again, and you can be sure we will use your service again. We have given your details to friends who are flying to Darwin – he is in a wheelchair.

M. Cornwall

2 September, 2012

Excellent, professional service, wonderful valet done on the car, thank you! Very impressive company with hardworking, exceptionally friendly staff. We are so impressed, that we will be using BookSmart from now onward for all our travel, private and business and we recommend this company to anyone looking for prompt, efficient, professional people who do their utmost to make sure you get what you pay for. EXCELLENT!

J. Wrightson

29 August, 2012

Thanks again for the excellent service and I would like to say that Laura was an absolute “breath of fresh air” to deal with, unlike most people over the phone these days. She’s such a wonderful frontline person for your company, she made me feel like a special customer and it sounded like she makes all customers feel very welcome! 🙂


4 July, 2012

Our story – arrived to find delayed 12 hours. BookSmart…no worries. Again midnight next try to board – BookSmart…no worries. Have holiday sprained ankle, back two days early, late arrival in pouring rain. BookSmart…no worries. Always met with great smiles and pleasant laughter. We give BookSmart a score of 15 out of 10. We both recommend this Company to all. Great Service!

R & M Powell.

2 July, 2012

Thank you so much for the wonderful service. We will certainly use you again and will tell all our friends about you. Please thank the lovely man who met us at the airport the other night. We were so busy packing our bags into the ute, that we didn’t see him go and forgot to say thank you. .

Regards, K. Heaven

30th June, 2012

Many many thanks for looking after us and our car. We feel like special people with the way you looked after us and also your drivers were very courteous and friendly. .

Once again many thanks

Kevin and Aseri

29th June, 2012

Thanks very much for the efficient pickup and delivery, plus cleaning my very filthy (dogs/horses) car.Elizabeth

22nd June, 2012

What a GREAT way to take the hassle out of travelling and parking. We will be using you guys every time we travel, domestic or international. Lovely family company who really care about the small things and getting it right – every time. Even when we realised we only had 30 minutes to spare before having to go through to departures, that we had left a small bag in the backseat, BookSmart rushed back to their facility, retrieved it and got it back to us just in time. We have used you so many times now, we have lost count, but thought it high time to post our thoughts on your great service.

Mary & Jim

20th June, 2012

You delivered us everything you promised BookSmart! and the Audi was delivered back to us absolutely glowing!! Beautiful cleaning service, fabulous pickup.dropoff service, wonderful staff. Loved your very happy driver with the loud laugh – what a great start to our day and our trip. The whole experience was professional, happy, time-saving, and quite superb.

The Johnsons

19th June, 2012

Many many thanks for looking after us and our car. We feel like special people with the way you looked after us and also your drivers were very courteous and friendly. Once again, many thanks.

Regards, Kevin and Aseri.

16th June,

Oh My Gosh!! You people made us feel like royalty – thank you for treating us so well. Our elderly parents brought their own car (Dad hates being driven anywhere) and so we brought our car and they brought theirs up and as we approached the pickup zone of the International airport, there were two wonderfully dressed men in black waiting there with our names on signboards waving us in. Dad hasn’t stopped talking about it since. The return was even better as they returned both cars at the same time to us and dads STILL talking about it. Thank you for everything. You made our day and you made dad’s YEAR.

Sharon, Ian and families

14th June, 2012

Thank you for the reliable service once again… especially on a public holiday. It is great knowing that you will be there ready and waiting and no hassles. Will be in touch again.

Rhonda P.

3rd June, 2012

If only we had known about you guys years ago! You are an exceptionally professional company with staff who really know how to interact with people – especially us nervous nellies from the sticks! You made us all feel so good, so calm and your directions were very clear. Best thing we have done in a very long time.

Margot and Robert M

31st May, 2012

Best service for parking in Auckland – we are so impressed. Good on you Book Smart. Keep doing what you’re doing!

Olivia & Mark, Whangaparaoa

23rd May, 2012

We recommend BookSmart to everyone! We had the best experience with them. We drove in from Tauranga, expecting a bit of stress really, but all we had was the smoothest, quickest, and easiest parking ever! They just took control, they were so unbelievably nice – even the kids wouldn’t stop talking to the drivers. We had two cars as we had a family party to go to in Raro and the drivers helped us with everything. Bless you all!!!

John, Maria and families

16th May, 2012

Beautiful service, super friendly, super efficient – will definitely be using Book Smart in October!!!!

Robinsons and Trenwiths

9th May, 2012

Really good wholesome service, timely, professional, no hassles, no wasting time waiting, they delivered what they promised.

Very well orchestrated.

Wilsons, Maramarua

1st May, 2012

WOW! The best service in Auckland! We will never take a shuttle again. Why would you go through all that hassle when you can meet Booksmart right at the airport door both ways! Wow! Love you guys!

Mark & Laressa McG.

29th April, 2012

Just wanted to thank you very much for the great service you provided and storage of my car. It will definitely be recommending your service to others and many thanks again.

Regards, Jan.

22nd April, 2012

Many many thanks for the superb service all of your staff at BookSmart gave us – absolutely great!!!!!

Peter & Jools

12th April, 2012

Your fantastic service started and finished a really great trip, thanks every so much. Really professional service, with a smile, conversation, help with the luggage and good clear directions. We will be back in July. In fact, we have already booked our next trip!

M, J, P & A Mc Gregor

4th April, 2012

Beautiful service, thank you. We will be recommending you to everyone. Thank you!

The Mitchell Family

27th March, 2012

EXCELLENT service, excellent all round. Very professional. Very quick, very accommodating.

Mark R.

26th March, 2012

Wowee!! What a trip! What service! Your team is really superb! We are so grateful for the professional service and kindness shown to us, especially to our children, who were a bit overwhelmed by the whole ‘big-city’ and noise of the airport (as we are from the sticks). The kids were shown a lot of really nice gentle distracting attention while we unloaded the car onto the trolleys provided by your representative and before we knew it, we were all happily walking into check-in, the kids were happy, and we were really happy to know that our car was nicely stored away. On our way back in, we had our car brought right up to us, our luggage lifted into it, a nice bright chat with one of your guys and away we went. It was the greatest way to travel. We were able to stop on the way home to visit Grandma and the kids were SO excited. What a trip. Thanks for everything Booksmart. Really nicely done. We will be telling everyone about you guys.

Alison, James, Charlotte & Amy

19th March, 2012

Hi guys… Just wanted to thank you for the fabulous service… will definitely be booking you for our next overseas trip and recommending you to everyone!! THANKS again!!! =)

Tony & Lee

19th March, 2012

I just wanted to say thanks again for organising the car/airport thing for us. We really appreciated it and it took a lot of the stress out of getting there and back (especially arriving back due to the huge amount of cr*p we bought in Bangkok!). Thank you so much!

C. Bidwell

11th March, 2012

We have had the best experience with Book Smart Car Storage – a really big thank you to John and Maree for exceptionally polite, on time service, three times in a row now. Thank you. Very impressive. Make sure you ask for a raise!

BA J, Taupo

10th March, 2012

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for spectacular service – really appreciated the extra effort you all went to when we left our purse in the car – thank you very very much for going back and retrieving it and we still managed to get on our flight on time! Great service! Will be using you next time!

Wayne & Leigha J.

10th March, 2012

Amazing service, thank you BookSmart – we have tried so many others and finally found a company that listens, cares and actually gets the whole process perfectly right every time. Thank you!

Maryanne & Don M. – Taupaki

19th February, 2012

I would just like to say thank you for looking after my car and cleaning it. I am so happy – my car has never looked so good in years. When I saw it coming I was shocked that it was my car! I thought you had bought me a new Honda LOL. Thank u so much!

Shane Stirling

13th February, 2012

We used your service recently and we would really love to be able to share with everyone how utterly fantastic it was and is. Your representative was there ahead of us, holding our company name up and had trolleys at the ready for our abundant luggage. She was very informative and clear and we were on our way very quickly and on our way back in (after a bit of a delay in customs due to our own fault), the company’s representative was patiently waiting for us in arrivals holding our name up for us. He brought our truck up to the door, helped us with our luggage and away we went. We are so impressed that we have set up a permanent account with BookSmart Car Storage and will be telling other companies about their service. Lovely people who have a real interest in people and the service they provide. Excellent.

– DEC Enterprises

10th February, 2012

Beautiful Service – can not fault it in anyway – will definitely use your service from now on.

– Mark & Tan

9th February, 2012

Superb, professional service. Great service. Great idea. Hard working, friendly staff. Perfectly executed. Lovely job on the clean of our Challenger.

Thanks very much,

– Jack M.

7th February, 2012

The service you provided was of a very high standard. Your timing was perfect and made things easy and simple. I will definitely use your services again and will recommend to others.

Thank you.

– Tui

7th February, 2012

What a fabulous way to park when you travel. We recommend this company to everyone! We had a stress-free, hassle-free, smooth trip and having one of your company reps meet us at the start and finish of our trip, with our car safely in their hands was just magic. Thank you!

– Bev & John

6th February, 2012

Excellent service!

– M. Strawbridge

3rd February, 2012

We have used your service twice now, first for the wharf, when we went on the comedy cruise (which was fantastic) and secondly, at the international airport when we went to Aussie. Both times went perfectly. We are really impressed with your staff and professionalism. We have another trip coming up in April, so we will of course be booking in with you again.

We honestly recommend Book Smart to do all the hard work for parking for everyone. It’s just so easy, so friendly, so quick and so safe.

– David, Cheryl & family

31st January, 2012

Delightful service, very precise with your timing BOOKSMART. Incredibly charming people with impeccable manners. We actually didn’t recognise our own car when it was brought to us – all that farm mud and years of neglect were gone! Thank you for the beautiful valet!

– Myra, Jonathan T.

30th January, 2012
Hi, thank you very much for your excellent service of storing our car. Being able to drive onto the wharf close to the ship was great and having the car waiting for us when we got back was also much appreciated. The lady that met us was most pleasant.

Many thanks,

John Parks

21st January, 2012

Really really great company. Definitely use you guys again.

– James & Linda G.

18th January, 2012

We recommend this company to everyone. The staff were incredibly friendly, professional and helpful even when we asked what were some pretty silly questions about checking in, customs etc. We haven’t travelled overseas ever before and were a bit lost on the whole process. Book Smart, you get our total approval and we will tell everyone about you.

– Conrad & Em W.

17th January, 2012

Just a little word of thanks for such a fantastic experience, using your company. We are so impressed with the smooth, easy and very proffesional way it was all done.

– Johnathan & Beverley K

12th January, 2012

Thank you for superb service all the way through. You made our trip very special. Thank you. My husband has needed to go on this trip for so long, but due to a heart attack, we had to postpone. Your service suited our needs perfectly.

– Sharon & Robert

6th January, 2012,

What a beautiful service – thanks to all. We drove straight into the NZ Domestic Airport, the driver was there already waiting and we were inside, checking in, before you could say Bob’s your uncle! On the way back was even quicker. What a service – very impressed BookSmart.

– Jeannita & family

3rd January, 2012

Just wanted to say thank you for such brilliant service! We found it excellent value for money and it was by far the most convenient system we have experienced for storing our vehicle when travelling. Your man on the ground was lovely and a great representative of your company. Happy New Year to you and we look forward to using you again.

– Regards, Lynn and Lance Tebbutt

2nd January, 2012

We would like to offer our heartfelt thanks to the caring and careful staff at Booksmart Car Storage who helped my wife and I last week when we were travelling to Nelson. We couldnt have done it without them. We both have disabilities, although I obviously can still drive, but my wife is in a wheelchair and the gentle help we received from your staff was remarkable right at the start of our journey and even at the end of our journey when they brought our Fiat back to us. We were treated like the finest of china and we were back on the road in minutes. Please give our thanks to all who helped us. Happy New Year.

– Bill and Noni L.

1st January, 2012

Thank you for a wonderful parking experience. Lovely people to deal with. Thank you. I will definitely use BookSmart again. Thank you.

– Pauline G.

29th December, 2011

We would just like to thank you for a wonderful service you provided us with. It was great to drop the car off at the wharf on the 19th December but even easier and quicker picking up our car today! We had a wonderful cruise and your fantastic, well organised service just topped the trip off perfectly. Thank you again. We would highly recommend this company to anyone who wishes to have their car stored in Auckland.

– Caroline & Garry

29th December, 2011

We have literally just gotten off our cruise – WHAT A FANTASTIC SERVICE!!!!!! BOOKSMART – HOW DO YOU DO IT?????? That was so fast, so EASY, so COOL, so EASY EASY EASY EASY!!!! Thank you!! Did I say EASY?? Great Cruise, but made so much better by having BookSMart doing the parking for us!!! EASY!

– The Parkinsons

22nd December, 2011


Beautifully fast service!!!!


– Trinbles

21st December, 2011

I am writing to thank you for the superb service I received from your wonderful staff when I travelled via the domestic airport last weekend. I had to travel with my little dog and a lot of luggage and I brought my elderly parents back with me on my return. Your staff helped me with everyone and everything and I am just so grateful for how kind and helpful they were to us all and for how quickly they had us all sorted and on our way again – with very clear road directions too!

Most appreciated – Shirley McKay

18th December, 2011

Thanks for the wonderful service from your company. Really impressed with how quickly we were we in the terminal after leaving our car with Booksmart and how quickly we were back into our car at the other end of the trip. The valet was excellent also! Thanks for a really value for money experience.

– Martin & Victoria B

14th December, 2011

We just have to say you guys know how to speak to people on the phone and in person. Really amazing service. Terrific all round!!!

– S & J B

8th December, 2011

Fabulous, Wonderful, Easy, Professional, Lovely, Polite Service and People. Thank you!

– Bridget & Larrice

4th December, 2011

Thanks for such a professional service all round. You made our trip quick, easy and very smooth. We will choose you guys from now onwards. Thanks.

– Bob & Jane, Whangaparaoa

1st December, 2011

Just a wee word of thanks for looking after us all when we left our muddy car with you guys couple of weeks ago. Amazing service – to have your lady ready for us at the public dropoff point as soon as we drove up, with our name on a sign was really cool and it was so easy, and fast and we were upstairs eating breakfast by 6am and when we came back, there she was again with the sign, which made us feel like we were pretty famous really and she brought our car up to us and we just about didn’t recognise it because we had booked in a valet and it had practically changed colour it was so clean! Not a scrap of mud to be seen and on the inside it smelled like lemons and oranges instead of haybales and farm-poop! It was a great experience that really topped off our trip as something extra special, so thank you so muchly!

– Louise & Dan, Reporoa

28th November, 2011

Lovely service, really genuine people who really care about you. Will definitely use you next time!

– Lorraine & Shamus

25th November, 2011

We really enjoy the high standard of service we always get every time we use BookSmart – and of course their great sense of humour – what would a job be without one? Keep it up!

– John & Liz L.

24th November, 2011

Beautiful service from very professional staff. We will recommend Book Smart Car Storage to absolutely everyone. Thank you to all of your staff. Very well done.

– M & M Konig

18th November, 2011

I am writing this on behalf of my 84 year old father who has not travelled overseas in 30 years. He is very grateful for the wonderful help he received from the people from your company and could not have been able to have travelled otherwise, due to his disabilities. I live in Wellington and was not able to drive him to the airport myself and I am very grateful also for the wonderful treatment he was given to enable him to drive to the airport and be met there and also to be met as he came through from customs and have him walked out to a seat where his car was brought out to him. Also, thank you to the lady who helped load his luggage into his car for him. We are both very relieved and very thankful. He is safely home and has many stories to tell.

– Louise & Jim

17th November, 2011

Thanks for the fast and ontime service – see you next time!

– Nick & Sue M.

16th November, 2011

BookSmart Car Storage – We chose you guys because you treated my family with respect on the first phone call. We were not just numbers, cars or money. We had two funerals to go to and we had two cars and family members needing to come back up in between times and your company listened and respectfully and kindly went the extra mile and in one instance didn’t charge us for a pickup that you could have. You said “you have been through so much, don’t worry about it”. We will always use your company now and we are so very greatful for the true kindness you showed us all. Thank you.

– R & M W.

15th November, 2011

We aren’t too Auckland savvy, but Book Smart, you made it so jolly easy to get there, and you even guided us out of the area to get back onto the m.way! Above and Beyond as they say! Thank you to the whole team. Nothing seemed to much hassle and we appreciated it so much. We are telling everyone over here in Gizzy. Thank you thank you thank you.

– The Baker Family

13th November, 2011

Incredible service when we went on our cruise. Your crew were there as promised on the wharf to meet us and the first thing we saw when we stepped off the ship on the way back was our Mazda! Amazing! We actually just drove straight off the wharf and onto the motorway. Couldn’t have been easier!

Thanks again – David & Gin

9th November, 2011

Just a huge thank you for looking after my bmw for the last 3 years – I appreciate the wofs, regos and regular maintenance running that you have done for it. Thank you so much for picking me up at the airport the times that I have unexpectedly landed in the country. Wonderful service all the way through, thank you so very much.

– A.M.

7th November, 2011

Thanks for excellent service when we travelled last month. We travelled out by the International Airport and came back in by cruise and your staff was there to meet us at the airport to receive our vehicle and amazingly there at the wharf to return it to us surprisingly quickly on our return. Amazing service. Very warm staff. Well done.

– Robert & Victoria J.

5th November, 2011

Just writing to let you know that we were thrilled with the service your company gave us when we went away recently. You made it so easy and speedy to get away from the wharf. Also we were most impressed with the valet service. I have already handed your card to friends in Katikati that we stayed with on the way home. Many thanks.

– Philippa C.

3rd November, 2011

Hi, Thank you very much for your fantastic service. Both people that met us were on time for drop off and pick up and were extremely friendly and happy to see us. We will definitely be using your service again when we travel. We have five children and was so great to be able to just take our bags and go through the doors to the terminal and on our return not having to go searching for our vehicle after a long flight. Thanks again.

– May C.

31st October, 2011

We are from Palmerston North and the only reason we decided to do this trip was because we were able to have actual people meet us there at the start. We had a little trouble finding our way in to the terminal, but your staff helped us in and were there to meet us out the front of the International airport and they made it so easy for us. We literally left our cars with them right there and were in having lunch an hour later, having already checked in and everything. We had a really great holiday and when we came back in, they were there with our cars and we just drove straight on out and headed home. It really was so easy and having people there to meet us made us feel safe and really well looked after. We will definitely do it again. Thank you to all.

– The Smythe and Williamson Families

28th October, 2011

I would like to thank you for the great service, particularly the valet. I have been to another () valet business a few times and asked them to particularly look at the speaker cover which had coffee spilt over it. They never managed to do anything but I see that you have given it a good go and got rid of a great deal of the stain without me even mentioning it! My car has never looked better, inside and out.

– Frances

28th October, 2011

What can we say – Wouldn’t do it any other way. Thanks for the lovely service and the immense patience from your staff when we were so late and so lost! Thank you so much.

– Kathryn & Mike M.

28th October, 2011

Wowee – what a cruise and what a car storage service – that was amazing service. You guys have got it down to a T. GREAT, thanks so much. We will be spreading the word. Thanks for the directions too. We haven’t got a clue how to get around AK.

– Mark and Jen

23rd October, 2011

Thanks for wonderful service. It made our travels easy and fun and it definitely took the stress out of travelling for us.

– P & J McKay

19th October, 2011

Thank you Booksmart for such impressive service. We will be back!

– Nicolette & Dave

17th October 2011

We used your service last week – very professional, very quick-thinking staff. Most impressed.

– Maude

17th October, 2011

What a spectacular service – you people know how to treat people. We were so frazzled when we were about 10kms out from the airport that we nearly turned back and flagged the whole trip. We had fighting teenagers and a screaming 5 month old and my mum who has alzheimers was flipping out. We were in such a mess. I called BookSmart to tell them that we were just not going to be able to travel. I spoke with Sara and somehow, she calmed us down, talked us right into the airport (I had somehow gotten lost even though I have been there a million times before) and by the time we got into the dropoff area, everyone in the car was quiet and calm and there on the footpath, was a BookSmart driver, with a big smile, holding a sign with our family name on it and two trolleys for our luggage. Everyone piled out, the driver talked to every single person in the family, Sara emerged from somewhere and walked my mum into the check-in area and sat with her until we caught up with her. I have not to this day known such kind and caring service. We went on to have a really good holiday. The kids still fought, my mum still got lost in the hotel a couple of times and the baby still cried but we did enjoy ourselves and at the very end of the trip, BookSmart was there with our car. They probably think we are a bunch of crazy people but they didn’t let on. Thank you Booksmart and everyone who helped us.

– Jason, Alison M.

17th October, 2011

Thanks Book Smart – You were the icing on the cake to the best vaycay ever. Impeccably timed at the beginning of the trip and the end. Thank you to everyone.

– The Ng Family

17th October, 2011

Thank you to your staff for a hassle-free, friendly experience dropping off our car and picking it up again. It was so convenient and well-run. I see you also offer the service from the airport, so for our next overseas trip we will definitely use your services. Thanks again.

– Ramarie

1st October, 2011

Great service thank you. Much appreciated all the extra small things you did for us and for being so polite. It meant a lot to be treated so well.

– Philippa & Andrew B.

30th September, 2011

Thank you very much to everyone at Book Smart who made our trip so easy. It was our first trip overseas EVER and we thought it would be nice to treat ourselves to Book Smarts service. It was the best trip we have EVER had (teehee) and we really would and will recommend Book Smart to everyone we know who is travelling. It was so easy and they made us feel really special. Thank you!

– Troy, Jane, Chris and Joy

24th September, 2011


Have recently used your service and vote it 110%!


– Neil C., Raglan

3rd September, 2011

Thank you for the service provided – it was lovely to have Ray there to pick up the car and also go the extra mile and deliver my mother’s handbag back to us on 3/9 and to also have John deliver the car back to me – fantastic service – above and beyond the call of duty – very much appreciated.

– Lee W.

6th September, 2011

This is totally the way to go. Go BookSmart

– John & Shayne

1st September, 2011

Beautiful service. From start to finish, the whole thing went very smoothly. Thank you very much.

– Denis & Carol-Anne W.

29th August, 2011


What a happy group of helpful people. Maree helped me out of my car (I cannot walk well unaided) and then ran back and carried my luggage in for my husband. When we arrived back, two lovely men met us and helped us into our car. They did all the heavy lifting. I have told everyone at our retirement village that this is the way to travel. Very impressed and extremely grateful. Thank you to all at Book Smart Car Storage Company.


– Janet and Maurice

29th August, 2011


Hi there. We really enjoyed using your service. Took the nerves out of travelling for us country folk. We will definitely travel again and definitely use Booksmart again.


– Bryan & Pauline, Otorohanga

29th August, 2011


Very professional company. Very good.


– Jonathan P.

28th August, 2011

I have used your service on a couple of occasions while travelling to and from the UK and have found it to be excellent for saving time. Can’t imagine using shuttles ever again. Very polite staff, Thank you!

– Isobel and Graham

25th August, 2011

Great Service!

– Julie

21st August, 2011

Finally. Exceptional service. We ended up having to bring our car in 3 hours earlier than first booked and ended up having our flight cancelled and came back a day later from Queenstown and Book Smart actually had it sorted. They were ready for us at the beginning and had our car ready at the end. Perfect.

– Maria, Peter and Fam.

20th August, 2011

Just letting you know that we are very impressed with your service. Very professional, very friendly and very prompt. You delivered what you promised. Thank you.

– Margo x.

16th August, 2011

Awsum Booksmart thanks heaps!

– Peter B.

8th August, 2011

We used Booksmart Car Storage recently and the service was so precise, but what struck us, was the genuine friendliness of the staff. Could this be people who actually love what they do for a living? We met Sarah at 4.30am the other morning and she greeted us with a huge and cheery Good Morning! She was truly delightful – then, on our return, we came in at midnight and an equally happy and delightful man met us inside and brought our Prado straight up to the door for us. He even offered to help us with our luggage. We are very greatful and relieved to have been treated with such respect and professionalism. Booksmart, we are completely impressed. We will see you again in November!

– Patricia & Don

6th August, 2011

I would just like to thank you for an exceptional service that we received. We had our car parked with you guys from 8th July to 17th July 2011. Someone was there to wait for us on our departure and on arrival met us very promptly at the airport and it was really great. Thank you once again for your wonderful service and would definitely use your services again in the future!

– Irshad and Gulshad

24th July, 2011

We have just returned from our trip to the UK and on arrival our car was waiting for us as planned. Your man was showing a large name display which we saw within minutes of coming through arrivals. We would like to say how impressed your system worked for us and for the storage costs of $100 we feel it was well worth it and will be happy to use your company again in the future. We will also recommend you to our friends and family.

Thank you again for the great service provided.

– Elaine & Alan

3rd July, 2011

Wow – what a swift service! We arrived early at the International Airport, because we couldnt sleep and decided to just get straight into our car and head up to AK from Papamoa and we got to the airport, gave Booksmart a call and asked if we could have our car picked up early and they said yes and in 10 minutes, they had met us at the airport, picked up our car and we were already inside heading to check-in. On our way back, they were right there, with our name on a card inside Arrivals. I tell you what, that is the way to take away the stress of finding parking or parking companies. Go with Booksmart. We will tell everyone we know about you guys. Pat on the back!!

– Ngaire and Peter S.

– 6th June, 2011

AWSUM AWSUM AWSUM AWSUM!!! Great people, on time!

– Jen and Matt

28th May, 2011

Thank you very much for your hard work in making our trip totally seamless. You were there as promised and returned our van to us as soon as we came out from customs. We literally drove away within a couple of minutes. It was great getting back into our own car. Awesome service – and thank you to the lovely man who helped us with our luggage – we did just a tad too much shopping.. See you next time!

– Ben and Suze

15th May, 2011

We would like to thank everyone at BookSmart for the lovely service we received when we travelled to Brisbane last week. What friendly, professional people who were there to meet us at the start and end of our trip – we were very flustered as this was our first trip overseas for years and they were so organised and kind, we were in check-in really quickly and on our way back, a lovely lady was there to meet us as we came out from customs. We recommend them to everyone. We will definitely be booking in with them again!

Thank you – Marie and Evan

15th May, 2011

Thank you for the Great service you provided us. I will recommend to anyone taking a cruise. I will be booking another cruise in the near future and look forward to using your services again.

Cheers, Teena

10th May, 2011

Thank you for the fabulous service. What an awesome sight to see your happy face greeting us at the arrival hall with my car so conveniently parked outside the door.

Top marks.

Thank You.

– Richard L.

7th April, 2011

We would like to acknowledge our complete satisfaction of your car parking service and timely collection and delivery following our departure on the 21st March and arrival at Auckland Airport on the 4th April. Thank you, your service was very much appreciated.

– Regards, Roy and Barbara

30th March, 2011

Thank you – we most certainly will deal with your company the next time we have the pleasure of travelling. We were always happy with the good service received –

– Regards, Don and Auriol

22nd February, 2011

Thanks again everyone! Awesome service as usual – we’ll be booking in again soon – we are going on a cruise – ah this is the life!

– Murray & Alison

16th February, 2011

We both myself and my husband wish to pass on our many thanks for the great service you provided when we handed our vehicle over at Princes Wharf and when someone met us at the airport. It just took the worry of that away and was made so easy to see you, we just wish all the other arrangements for the holiday would go as smoothly. We would have no hesitation in recommending you and also using your service again. Many thanks again.

– Maurice and Jacky

12th February, 2011

Book smart you are the best. Your staff are so happy and friendly. we were so nervous of Auckland, but your lady was there waiting for us as we drove up, even though we were really early and she was there again when we returned late at night. Thank you – we will be telling everyone in Palmy to use you guys.

– Wayne, Palmerston North

9the February, 2011

Hi everyone. A quick thank you for outstanding service last week when we travelled to Nelson. Will go with Booksmart from now on.

– Michaela & Mike

30th January, 2011

Thanks again guys for a hassle-free experience, great service and will be recommending to all and sundry.

Thanks again,

– Rob & Yvonne

14th January, 2011

Wow! Awsome service, ontime, smooth, EASY and FRIENDLY! Thanks to your drivers and office people. Will recommend to everyone. See you next time guys.

– Bob and Judith

8th January, 2011

Hi All, just a quick email here to let you know how thrilled we were with your service! As usual we couldn’t ask for any better! Greatly appreciated, we’ve got some of your business cards and will happily recommend your business to family and friends.

– Kind regards,


6th January, 2011

I am writing on behalf of myself and partner. We recently used your storage facilities for the second time while we were on an overseas tour in December and this is just to say a big thanks for such a great service. We were met on time at the airport, both coming and going, with a pleasant smile, luggage trolley, paperwork etc and would have no hesitation to recommend your company to any of our friends travelling overseas. The reason for my writing is that so often people tend to be critical when they receive poor service but seldom write to congratulate someone for good service. We will certainly be using your services again in the future. BookSmart was so easy, reliable and completely hassle-free! It is just so nice to find an outstanding service like your own, as even just a “good” service is hard to come across these days.

– Maureen & Kevan

22nd November, 2010

Just a short note to express our appreciation of your service in October, we will be back again.

– Peter

18th October, 2010

I would just like to thank you all for the great service and confidence we have of leaving our car with you while we are away. It certainly takes the hassle out of travelling knowing we can rely on your company to be there on time for our departure and arrival – with the bonus of friendly happy staff.

– Ray and Lorraine

9th October 2010

Josh, thanks so much yet again for looking after our vehicle for us. Not sure how we did it with our 3 kids before we found you! Additional thanks for taking care of our tyre and while I’m at it may I say that your staff are fantastic, always pleasant and cheerful even at midnight after a delayed flight, please pass on my thanks to them.

Thanks again,

– Ruth.

6th October, 2010

Thank you for your excellent service. We will have no hesitation in using it again in future and also in recommending it to anyone else.

– Regards, Pat & Ian

5th October, 2010

To all the staff at BookSmart, Gary and I would like to say a big thank you for all your help last Sunday when we arrived back from Canada. Your customer service went way beyond the call of duty and I will recommend you to anyone that wants car storage in Auckland. A real BIG THANKS.

– Gary and Kirsty

20 September, 2010

We just want to thank you so much for the wonderful service you have provided for us over the last 9 days with car storage. How simple and convenient it was to arrive at 5.00am at the airport and have your representative there ready with a trolley! Then again on our return there to meet us and within a couple of minutes to have the car outside for us. It really has made the whole of our holiday hassle free – and we were delighted. Also we would like to commend the two people who met us – we were very impressed with their friendly and courteous manner.

We will be recommending your business to others and be assured we too will be using you again – when we have our next opportunity for a holiday treat!

– Brian & Trisha J.

20 September, 2010

Hi Josh, your service for my recent trip was fantastic, couldn’t fault it and have (and will) recommend you to everyone who is travelling.

Cheers, Ron

16 September, 2010

Great service again on our recent trip to Sydney, really appreciate your attention to detail – you guys are just great!! It takes all the “Hassel” out of it for us.

– Jeff


15 September 2010

Just a note to thank you for looking after my car while I was in Brisbane. The smooth transaction made the holiday just so much more manageable and enjoyable. I will certainly use your services again.



13 September, 2010

Hello – AJ here… we just want to say – thank you for your service – so nice to arrive to a smiling face (both on our departure and our return) and to a lovely clean interior of our car!

Cheers and we will definitely book BookSmart again…


29 August 2010

Great service it all went like clockwork. I would recommend this to others and use again.

– Many Thanks Anthea

20 August 2010

Thank you Booksmart for another perfect dropoff and pickup. The kids had had enough of the plane and it was a relief to hop straight back into our car and head home. Awesome. See you next time.


18 August, 2010

We would like to say thank you very much for the delightful service we received from all the people we dealt with in your company, from the first phonecall we made to you to the happy person who met us at 1.45am to give our car back to us. We are from Napier and were unsure what to do with our car. When I rang Booksmart, Maree was so helpful, friendly and understanding and when she heard my wife might need a wheelchair, she organised one for her and on the day we left on our trip, we were met by the driver, who was holding a trolley for us and a wheelchair for Margaret. Good old fashioned service with bright, kind people who took the time to chat. Well done.

Harry, Margaret & Family

9 August, 2010

On behalf of my wife and I, we would like to thank you and your team for looking after our truck while we were in the UK, it took all the stress out of the trip, not having to worry about being dropped off in the middle of the night and being picked up at odd times, again, many thanks and will recommend you to all our friends that travel overseas.

David and Dorothy

July, 2010

Hi Josie and myself would like to thank you for your valuable service. For us out of towners the traffic etc is a wee bit daunting so it was a great help.

– Shorty


I recently needed your service, due to having to make an urgent medical emergency trip to my daughter to the Northern Territory Australia. I did not have time to arrange family to run me down to Auckland or have a family member in Auckland to look after my car. The trip was in bad weather and to have this friendly face at the airport at 3am to take my car and not worry about it was just heaven. I gave him $20 cash for petrol because I was low and thought he would not have enough to go where it had to go and I had some expensive equipment in the car including a number of CDs. On my return, there was another smiling face at 3am, the $20 cash had been left in my car and nothing was missing. If there is anyway you would like to use me as a reference I am more than happy to. I am a very happy customer. Thank you again for the service you provided – it made my day and eased the stress I was under.



Live life, you only have one, don’t waste it

9 August 2010

To Booksmart team

What an awesome service you supply, it was so easy for us. I am giving your name to everyone.

Thank you so much

Viv & Chris


A quick note to let you know that we think your service is “The Tops”. We’ve used you twice now and will do so in future and last year my daughter and family also used you on our advice and thought your service was good. So well done and keep up the good work.


L. Jensen

27 July 2010

A very big ‘thank you’ to you and your staff for collecting, storing and meeting us at the airport on our return. It was really great to come home after our holiday and see a cheerful face to greet us and we really appreciated the professional manner in which you conduct your business. We have no hesitation in recommending your company to any of our friends who intend travelling overseas.

Thank you again

Brian & Lynn

13 July, 2010

Thank you for the wonderful service your company delivers. It was most pleasing to come home to a very clean vehicle, a pair of good humoured delivery staff (even at 0515 and earlier than expected) as well as a most welcoming staff member to greet us when we arrived at the wrong bay for departure (sorry). Keep up the delightful service, we will be using you again in the near future for sure.

Kindest regards


8 July, 2010

Good morning

Thank you for the excellent service you provided for us in picking up and returning our car last week after we had been overseas. We most certainly will be recommending your service to friends and family and will undoubtedly be using you again when we next go on a trip.


T. Hudd

17 June 2010:

I just wanted to send you all a quick note to thank you so very much for such an awesome service that you provided to my family when we went on our recent cruise.

You really couldn’t have made it easier or more convenient for us to drop-off and pick-up our vehicles on the wharf. We were about 40 minutes or so late arriving (having managed to get ourselves lost between picking my sister up at the airport and getting to the wharf!), but the ladies who met us were still full of smiles and welcoming. Likewise, when we returned, the cars were there really quickl with your friendly staff.

I can’t praise you and your team enough. Not only would I use your services again, but will happily recommend it to others.

All the very best and look forward to dealing with you again in the future.

Kind regards,


17 June 2010:

Good morning, I had my car looked after by your company last weekend and I just has to let you know that I was very pleased with your service. Both the cleaning of my car and the friendly and efficient service provided. Thank you again.


15 June 2010:

We are home safe and sound, and I would like to thank you and your staff for your fantastic service and professional attitude which helped to make our holiday stress free!! We will be telling all our family and friends about your company and the easy efficient way everything was dealt with, and even though our flight was 2 1/2 hours overdue coming home, there was a friendly, smiling face to greet us with our beautifully groomed car at the airport (and he knew the rugby score)!! Well done and thank you again.

Treacy and Andrew

13 June, 2010:

I’m just thanking you for the great service of looking after the car and the valet has done a great job as the car was really clean. I will recommend you to anyoneI know that is going on holiday and I will certainly keep you in mind when I go away next time.

Cheers, Carol

10 June, 2010:

I would like to thank you for the excellent service we received from you regarding the storage of ou car while my husband and myself were away. I will certainly recommend you to our friends and family.

Regards, Dolly

Dec 3, 2009:

Once again thank you for the excellent service provided. Cameron found us as we drove up on the 18/Nov and chirpy as at 0430 and all John could say was absolutley bloody marvellous. Last night we also had a very kind gentleman who told us to stay under cover so we would not get wet and got the car up to us. You have trained them well and they obviously enjoy their job. We would also like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and that 2010 is a successful.

John and Thelma

Dec 3, 2009:

Brian and I want to thank you for the wonderful service your company provides for people like us who want to leave their car at the airport while we are on holiday. It was just so unbelieveably easy for old fellas like us from the country. The young man who met us both times was extremely courteous and helpful. We had passed on your contact name to serveral fellow travellers while away and are telling as many as possible how much we appreciated your service – it was superb. After a couple of years of rather serious health problems, this was a “trial” run for us and to have such great help at the airport from you was great.

Many, many thanks.

Brian and Jean

Dec 2, 2009:

Just to let you know that your car storage service was great. We had no problems with meeting your assigned drivers at the terminal on leaving and returning from Vancouver and it certainly made everything easy for us. Will definitely use you again in future. Have a good xmas.

Regards, Flo

Nov 26, 2009:

Just wanted to say thanks for the fab service. We arrived after a long day of travel with an overtired toddler and there was a lovely man and the car was outside the main door!! Excellent service, have already recommended to others. Thanks again and have a good week.


Nov 19, 2009:

A quick note to say thanks for the great service you provided when my wife and i reently traveled oversea’s.

Regards, Sam.

Nov 19, 2009:

Thanks for great service; we were really impressed and will recommend Booksmart to our friends, and use you again when we go o/seas next May.

Cheers, Colin